I had a friend, a really nice guy, who seemed to know how to present himself.  He seemed confident, but wasn’t.  In reality, he thought he was unattractive to women. He didn’t know how to get their attention.  I remember he told me that he had read on some lame website that dressing up like a rock star and putting on some eye make-up would help him get the attention of women.  So he tried it.  He got a LOT of attention…just not from women.

He and I sat down a had a long talk after that.

Real confidence is developed from the inside out, not the outside in.  It comes from who you are – your character, your integrity, your belief in yourself.   This is a deep mindset that you exude.  This confidence is extremely attractive to women of any age, any culture, any background.  My friend failed to understand this because while he seemed confident, he wasn’t.

Developing a mindset based in real confidence is part of what I teach men all over the world.  Not the BS found on so many websites that promise that you can get sex by giving you pickup lines or pimped out gimmicks.  No gimmick can ever pass for real, down-to-earth confidence.

I talked to my friend who seemed confident, but wasn’t, and he began using some of the techniques and modifications I showed him. He started to develop a mindset of real confidence afterwards.  It  didn’t happen overnight, but in a short span of time he began to reveal a true belief in himself.   Approaching attractive women and talking with them became much easier.  It wasn’t long before he began dating on a regular basis.

He now dates anywhere from two to three nights a week.  He’s definitely stepped up to a different, more attractive class of girl.  He’ll tell you he’s having much, much more fun and his night life is better than it’s ever been.  But he’ll also tell you it’s because he knows he’s the kind of man that women desire – a man that believes in himself.  Not just a man who seemed confident, but wasn’t.

Before he and I talked he seemed confident, but wasn’t.  Now he knows who he is and women can’t help but be attracted to him.

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