Thank You Alex,

I wanted to thank you for every learning tool that you have provided. Some of your techniques have become second nature to me. After the end of a long relationship at the age of 30, I was a little rusty, but within a couple of months I am meeting very high level, high quality women (Overall 9s and 10s – and I’m very picky!) this in turn has increased my confidence level. It has affected me (in a positive way) throughout my life, including my professional life. I am still enjoying the success and reaping the benefits of your teachings

Keep doing what you are doing! You have improved one life hear and I am sure others feel the same.

Have a Happy New Year!

All my Best,

Miami, Florida

Hey Alex, you asked for your viewers to e-mail you the results as to how your advice works so here it is. You are amazing and your skills are genius, from the clean your room advice, keep a condom around advice, hand them your phone, don’t be aggressive but have fun, relax and talk to them, and calling them stunning. I had my first one night stand and I think I owe it you, thank you for your advice it is incredible.

I’ve always been too shy to approach women and didn’t know what to say but we both look similar, tall, young, thin, the only difference is an accent. My old method was to wait for them to come to me but now after using your method success is much better, I owe you one man.

Thanks again,

hey thanks for the videos i think your totally unique in the way that nobody else offers your sort of direct help, its not a book or all theory its the real deal showing us how to get girls out and about in the flesh thanks man your videos have inspired me and i think im much happier now talking to girls and with general
conversations with people. so thanks!!


I’m sharing with you now my recent success at daygame: I watched Alex’s videos on the weekend, then today at lunch I opened four sets (direct approach) on the street. One girl asked for my number. One girl was married but thanked me profusely. I got blown out by one girl after giving a cold-read. And one girl just thanked me and moved on.

I had tons of fun and I’m daygaming forever from now on. Cheers -Mark


What made me want to actually buy the system is that after watching clips on youtube of you approaching women and getting there numbers really helped me out. The “watching the master” in action do something creates new neural pathways in the brain and we learn by observation and by actually doing things were taught.

I agree i read books etc but nothing helped. My wingman is amazing a real pick up artist. Every week we hit a club we scores at least 5 to 7 numbers. ALWAYS. I did get better at my game by watching him but then i plateaued. I just couldn’t get more than one number a night.

I know it had everything to do with my game. It needed much improvement. I had asked my boy how he does it but i could not get a straight answer from him because he is such a natural that he doesn’t even know how he does it.

Things just unfold so smoothly for him.

So to make a long story short I tried grasp as much as i could from the videos and I applied them the same night we went out and I SCORED 10 DIGITS LOL!!!! My boy was so impressed with me and even I was so impressed! It works like magic!!!!!!!!!!

What helped was the part when your trying to get the digits, “closing the sale” as i call it. I used to be blunt and ask flat out. “Whats your phone number?” after i believed i had worked them. They would just give me this look like I was nuts or something or laugh at me or make some excuse that they got a man etc.
When i started “passing them my cell phone” and asking them to enter there digits. All of the bullcrap vanished. No more excuses as to why they couldn’t give me there number. Truly amazing. I also worked that story about how you say your sister wants to put a tatoe of some dude named Butch on her arm. That works like magic to, they laugh but really try hard to persuade me to tell my sister not to do it lol!!

Love ya man
Keep up the good work
Big fan of your work, love your philosophy on this whole subject and your style… I’ve done the David D. thing, doesn’t really work for me, the whole negging thing is something that’s really not for me… I do it just to appear confident, they notice it and then I move on with other stuff…

I’ve had great success of lately… I live in Los Angeles and I’ve had AMAZING results with tourists, especially in Santa Monica by the beach… I simply approach a girl or a group, see the hottest one, walk over and say, “Hi, can you take a photo of me?” They snap one, I tease about their “photo skills” and off we go, commenting on their accents, etc…

I did this same exact approach last week, met a gorgeous Argentinean girl visiting LA, got her # and we went out for drinks… Picked her up, went to Manhattan Beach, held hands, kissed passionately, had a great time, etc…

Just want to say man you’ve changed my dating life! CJ


hi alex,

i just want to thank you for your videos. they have motivated me so much that i made the highest number of cold approaches today since i do pickup. your not one of these untouchable gurus or uncalibrated approaching machines but just a friendly guy doing really good with woman. im in pickup now for some month but my approach anxiety is very height. funny thing is, that i got a lot of positive reactions when i approach, but im so heavy conditioned to this “normal” behavior, where approaching woman doesn’t exists, that i only make very few approaches.
Thanks again!

I really liked your site because it’s not like other sites about seduction just saying stuff in the air without applying it in the real and live situation. You actually teaching practical things and not just say words that not worth much and telling theories. I would like to thank you from my heart. You are great.

Hi Alex,

I ordered your DVD a while ago and watched it a number of times. I particularly like Stephen’s interview and the bonus videos where he makes moves. I’ve got both Asian background and non-English speaking
background (I’m originally from Japan, though I’ve been living in Australia for 6 years now). It’s much easier to relate myself to Stephen. But of course I like your videos and interview, too. Thanks for producing such an awesome DVD!

I guess I’ve been making a slow progress. In order to get myself used to taking to random strangers, I started with talking to girls working at cafes and shops alike, trying to ask them unusual questions that catch their attention, and trying to make them laugh.

I was in Melbourne for about a week and I came back from there yesterday. During my stay in Melbourne, I finally made myself move to the next step, which is to approach to a girl on the street. It took few months for me to move on to this step, but I’m glad I finally did and I enjoyed it! Please let me share my story with you.

The Story:
I met this girl from Sydney in an alleyway full of graffiti. This place seems to be a bit of a touristy spot, so, there were a few others and it didn’t look dangerous or anything. She was taking photos with a proper SLR camera. I found her attractive, and I liked the way she took photos. So, I decided to approach her. I said to her, “excuse me, but would you mind if I took photos of you taking photos? I like the way you take photos”. I thought that would be a funny but interesting question to ask.

And we started a conversation. I’m glad that your “what do you do? I don’t want to hear it if it’s dirty” thing worked very well. It’s good to see it work! We showed to each other some photos we’ve taken respectively – leaning towards one another. I also noticed she twirled her hair a few times. I think we’ve talked about nearly 15-20 minutes. But upon reflection, I guess I asked interview questions too much when I could ask deeper, rapport building questions or do a cool handshake or whatever. Maybe that’s what I needed. Actually, it was she who asked me if I’ve got a e-mail address… so, that’s a very good sign, I take it? Instead of e-mail, I got her phone number, because I wanted to catch up with her during my stay in Melbourne. I asked how to spell her name, and hand my phone to her. In my mind at that time, I was
thanking you, Alex! It’s probably really easy to get a phone number from a girl you’ve met on the street.

Anyway, she was to leave Melbourne on the same day as me, and we had only two days left. I called her on that day, and she said she will call me on Friday, because she wasn’t sure of her schedule yet, as it depended on whether her friend can take a day off from work or something like that. I didn’t get any call and she didn’t answer to my calls. She sent me an sms, apologizing she didn’t call me and saying that she’s been busy with her friend (not a boy, but a girl, by the way). We had a couple of sms correspondences after that, but I guess I lost the battle.

But the good thing is that I can tell what I was missing thanks to your DVD and other videos and blog entries of yours. Actually, I think I should have asked her out when we were having a good conversation.

Instant date at a cafe or something. Also, I didn’t tell her reasonably explicitly that she seems to be an interesting person and I want to get to know her more. Another element is that I was lacking in rapport building moves or that I didn’t make enough moves as such. I really enjoyed the experience, and I will do this more regularly.

Thank you again, Alex. You’ve been helping me a lot!

The live pick up videos were a joy to watch. You get to see the routines right-before-your-eyes.
And all the techniques I’d been reading about, finally made sense. I got to see how easy it is to approach and meet women in the day time. I now know what to say, this DVD has boosted my confidence. Two thumbs up Alex!

Before watching Alex’s “Street Dating Revealed” DVD I used to see women at my university I wanted to meet – but had no idea what to say to start talking to them.

And while I’ve never really had a problem approaching women in bars – I was scared shitless to approach women in the day time. Anyway, watching the DVD fixed that and I’m definitely more confident at meeting women at my university now. The conversational starters on the videos work really well. Thanks again!

Hey Alex,

I have a “mini” FR to tell you. I only watched your videos over the weekend and went out to try it out….

Yesterday, I was at home (Sunday) feeling bored so I decided to go to down 2 London, on the way I opened a good looking Italian girl, sitting next 2 me on the tube, she was reading an Italian novel and I opened her with “excuse me, but that book looks interesting, teach me a thing a two about Italian” – she laughed and everything flowed from there.

Then I went to Leicester square, saw a cute girl sitting in the park, reading a magazine, I opened her about its front cover, everything flowed again … KISS CLOSE!

Then I went to Trafalgar square and saw two girls by the statues. I noticed she had nice pants. so I walked
over and opened with “excuse me, I couldn’t help noticing, but those are interesting pants, my sister would probably like those, where u get them?” I found out they were German, and it flowed ok as well.

Then on my way home, I noticed a pretty woman sitting across from me on the train. she looked exhausted, tired from her office job. I just said- “got to be one of those days, huh?” – she smiled, and conversation flowed from there.


I would like to start by thanking you for putting together such a fantastic set of videos. Not only do you make the girls laugh but you have me laughing with some of the things you say, you and Sam are both very impressive. I particularly like watching Sam because he has a lower energy then yourself witch closer matches how I am.

Last night I was out clubbing and made my first ever approaches it was a fantastic buzz. I spoke to 4 different sets of girls (one even had a guy in), 2 didn’t open and the other 2 I didn’t close. to be honest
the outcome was irrelevant, I set out to make an approach and get over approach anxiety which I have done (I always had nothing to say, but after watching your videos I’ve got a few things).

I was actually amazed at how people respond there were no harsh rejections. The worst was a girl who I went to talk to and she just looked at me and didn’t say anything. So i left, however my friend also went over and got the same response. We think that she was just spaced out and it was nothing to do with us ;-)

To further improve my approach anxiety control I spoke to other people in the club too (like the people on the table next to us). I used your day game techniques but in a “normal” conversation, I had so much fun talking to new people. I must have spoken to at least 6 people just waiting to get into the club. Normally the club scene isn’t really my thing but last night I had such a blast and can’t wait to go back. I used to naturally be pretty witty / cheeky but somehow lost the spark from my everyday conversations. For me what you are teaching goes way beyond just pickup it’s more about being friendly and having dynamic conversations something that will positively affect all aspects of my life.

I really liked watching the pickups on my big screen TV. You feel as if you are a third party sitting sitting there with them. Both of the Pua’s (guys) in the video are extremely skilled and make day game look easy. If you watch the videos with the explanations – the screen will freeze from time to time and they will explain why they did what they just did.

This video gives a clear look at what great male body language looks like. Both Alex and Stephen are excellent at posturing themselves. The guys are also great at showing you how to introduce kino early on with things like hand shakes, hugs, and thumb wrestling.

Their technique for getting the phone numbers is also fun to watch, as they make it look natural. And the way they continue to the conversation along, even when the girls throw some IODs is very good.

Overall I can not say anything negative about their skills. They we really flawless in their pick up attempts.

I do think that if you are interested in really learning day game … it can’t hurt to watch to PROS in action. These guys are impressive.

Michael Stoute


Hi Alex,

How are you? Watching you street pick up videos have inspired me so much and now I am able to approach beautiful women everyday and score a date too. You are amazing but as much as I watch you, I still cant measure up to your behavior with women. You have this unbelievable energy to you like it all comes natural. Is there A couple of top secrets with women that you would be able to tell me? Hope all is well & looking forward to hearing from you. I would love to shake your hand
one day because you deserve all respect from every man out there.

Thank you soo much,
Mickey (NYC)
Alex, thanks for all of the pickup videos. They really helped a lot and showed that even if your shy, with hard work and patience eventually things will come to you. And the part about you can read anything,watch anything, and still not improve is so true. You actually have to approach and approach til you feel confident. The idea about giving your friend 5 20 doller bills and earning your money back is a creative way to improve. I also picked up a copy of ” How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie”. You know, theirs nothing worse than seeing a hot girl walk by and not being confident to talk to her. I’d rather approach 100 girls and get rejected by all 100 than not approaching any at all. Your video on body language was so interesting how you can know so much about someone without actually
talking to them. I practice applying the techniques when I go out. Walking slowly, talking slowly, standing up straight, they help a lot. Well i don’t want to make this message to long since I know you have plenty of other fans that write to you. Thanks for giving hope. I’m taking steps to improve so that hopefully in the near future approaching will be easier. keep up the good work with the videos and hopefully you have more videos and suggestions to improve in the

future… thanks again, your fan bob

Hi Alex

Today, I have a girlfriend because of your help! :-) I had been following Neil Strauss AKA Style for quite a while and stuff never really worked out in spite of me reading “THE GAME” many times. Your videos really helped me a LOT!!
THANKS ALEX!!! I owe you one the next time i’m in australia.
I hope our paths cross some time in the future! :)



Im nineteen years old hoping to seek a date, I think now my confidence is starting
to build up and all that fear will be gone. There have been so many countless
opportunitieswhere I could have talked to girls and from now on Im going to try
and say something at least.

Anyway, ever since I had watched your videos on youtube you have really inspired and
encouraged my self. I began to become aware of body language and my tone and
dressing well. I think it is very important when coming across a first impression.

So I just wanted to say you are superb and I enjoy your videos and I hope you keep them coming.

Thank you for your time,

Alixandre Daeinejad

Being able to see all the specific nuances, body language, and voice tonality involved in a pickup done by professionals is way better and way more useful than just reading a description.

Texts, books, and videos of people practicing or talking can show you what to do, but this video will show you HOW to do it. I feel much more confident going out into the street using what I’ve learned from this set of videos.


Dear Alex, I got 3 numbers today out of 4 trys, did the pace by saying what time is it, or where did you get those shoes? also i called my friend and said i’m waiting for my friend, then one of the girls heard that and started talking to me! I tried to sound real, I said things like wow alot of people
are anti social these days, that opened another girl up, another said im shy i dont have many friends, so i said i am your new friend! things are different now. Then said hey give me ur number u seem pretty cool before she left. This is the best day of my life!! i have never had a successful day
like this before!!

Thanks Alex!

I’m far from perfect, but I definitely have alot more confidence, and tomorrow i will be right back at the university spending the whole day walking up to girls.


It gave me great openers [conversation starters] and a specific map to guide me through an approach.

Although I am familiar with the concepts in the DVD it makes a huge difference seeing each pickup in action

Alex and Stephen, you are such a great role models. Just by watching your stuff and being influenced by it, my dates have become so much more interesting, positive and fun :) My girlfriend is impressed, too. I can see it in her eyes. Thank you guys! It’s so much better to learn from real life folks, than from “so called gurus” :)

Hey Alex,

First off all I want to thank you, thank you for opening my eyes and make a change
in the direction my life was heading! I’m from Belgium and am just turning 26, i work as a interior designer in a furniture store. So I definitely see allot off great woman :) )

But i was absolutely terrified off approaching woman!! you made it seem so easy :) ,
so i decided to just go for it.. But its not so easy at all , but then I realized its ok to be scared, but its not ok to just stand there and not approach!!!

I’m getting amazing results after only 2 weeks off approaching.. but i keep running
into woman that are married frequently !!!

Here in Belgium (we speak Dutch by the way :) ) the woman are definitely not used
to be approached by a confidant man,

and are very warm and open to it, but also very loyal (witch i totally admire by
the way), so overall the interaction goes great, thanks again alex , you are my inspiration and role model in life man .

Greetings from Europe, Belgium.

jonathan p.


Hey Alex, thank you many times over for giving me the opportunity to overcome my
fear of approaching women and becoming more adept at simply communicating!

1.My dating life was absolutely NON-EXISTENT before i came accross your videos and
material. I had absolutely resigned myself to the fact that i was just hopeless with
this aspect of social interaction and had given up! NO MORE!!

2.I was influenced by your pickup videos as well as the ability to download audio
interviews and tips!

3.The pickup videos are fantastic and are a perfect example right accross the board
from street to shops where a guy like myself would NEVER have thought that was a
viable option, i thought a girl would have thought i was some kind of ‘freak’ or
‘weirdo’ for trying that, but it’s so much better (and as you say, women can be more
RECEPTIVE to talk to a friendly, intriguing guy they run in to whilst out doing
mundane daily tasks!).

4.My confidence in approaching and talking to women has at least DOUBLED! I now talk
easier and more comfortably with everyone-including WOMEN. I was recently able to
approach 2 very fine ladies in a coffee shop and initiated a conversation on mens
fashion to gain tips and options for an upcoming birthday party. They were very
willing and it soon spawned to chatting about where they lived/worked whilst i
managed to throw in a few quips about those aspects as well as how they knew each
other-They were both taken but, i managed to keep the conversation going and asked
how they liked their relationship-which got another bit of banter going. Overall
though it was a fantastic step for me -i had warmed up earlier that day by chatting
with shop assistants, Baristas and the like then i thought, what the hell go for it!

Fantastic Alex, there is NO WAY i could EVER have even contemplated doing that
without your fantastic examples and tips!

Keep up the great work and i shall do likewise.

Many Thanks,

Simon Barry

Hi Alex
First of all … I want to introduce myself …. ( I dont speak english , so i hope that you understand my message ) My name is Reda , from Poland … 22 years .. , and one of your students :) I bought your CD around 2 years ago, and now im the happiest person because of this , Really ! its amazing thing, and I highly recommend your CD to anyone out there , even if they have girlfriends , they can get the benefits from this CD , I don’t mean to cheat behind their girls, but to increase their confidence between girls in their normal activities, In my opinion , having girlfriend does NOT mean the person himself is self-confident or feel good around women , NO , maybe he’s girl girl from school ,class or whatever …. So even these guys can get the benefits from your CD …. and I noticed that there is new version of the CD in the website …. I had the
old one …… GUYS pleeeease ! DO NOT miss this , Really !

I used to be very shy one , I don’t know what to do when I meet girls , etc …. after buying your CD and start to do exactly what you’ve done in your videos , step by step I become like womanizer …. I’m able to have 4 numbers a week , its become like routine for me :) , my friends ask me to help them and I did …. I also recommended your CD to them , and now , im with my girlfriend almost 1 year and we are very very happy , we are going to France during Christmas holiday , and she said this to me a lot and to her friends and sis ( I wont forget the way that we met and give you my number ) I feet really good when she keeps saying this .

I have no words to say to you Alex , you have changed my life to the better , I really appreciate what you are doing to the guys,and very proud of being one of your happy students , your CD is invaluable .

Thank you very much alex , and I wish great life for you
I chanced upon some of your videos yesterday (i was actually searching for
some scenes from the movie Hitch!) and I have learned more about approaching
women from you than I have thus far in life (and I’m 21). So I would like to
thank you for this public service for all men out there who want to break
through that invisible barrier standing between them and that beautiful


The day after I saw your videos I went to the beach and used your strategies
and I approached a smokin hot blonde who was sitting all by herself :) We
conversated for a good 30 min and I did get her number. Just wanted to say
thanks for the tips. Every day im getting less shy of approaching
women…Im tryin to give my friend the same tips too!

I will absolutely help you out with anything in the future, your advice has helped me BIG time. I feel much more real doing your techniques as opposed to Mystery or even Deangelo. Your approach I have noticed
makes women much closer to me, whereas with mystery’s method you might get a quick fuck, but little or no emotion involved. I’ve done your park approach and it works wonders, can’t seem to get enough confidence to open strong like that though! I usually just ask them a funny question, I went up to one girl with a dog and asked who was walking who.

Before I saw your vids I would have thought this was a horrible thing to say but she cracked up and I got her number in 2 minutes flat! Thanks so much Alex!



Seriously Ive seen tons of your videos and you are one of the best pick up artists i have ever seen online. Do you have any bootcamps or only videos. Your stuff actually works. the putting the phone in the girls hands is the best thing to do and it really works. when the girl says i have a boyfriend, and i say great well he can cook us breakfast in the morning works. you are a genius. for real.


Hi Alex I’m just emailing you to let you know I deeply appreciate this material this is unbelievable
and could easily be the best stuff I’ve heard in terms of attracting women wow I feel like I owe you

I haven’t tried what you said but I know it works because just over a year ago I was talking to a girl in
a chicken house about her career and I was being positive about her career and how she could be successful and before I knew it her arms were all over me and at the time it was a complete fluke I didn’t know I was sparking attraction I thought I was just being nice,but now I’ve read your 30 minute audio it all makes perfect sense. You said be interested in her career and her ambitions and not just looks and that’s what I was doing and that’s why this girl liked me so I’ve already done some of what you said in your audio and it worked and that’s how I know your spot on but because it was a fluke I didn’t try it again your audio made me think.


now I know what your talking about is 100% proof wow thanks Alex. Oh and the story about the apartment in Sydney is really close to home because I live in an apartment that always makes me think twice about
bringing girls round it’s far from the Ritz and I always wonder whether they’ll want to come round or not, even though I’ve brought a few back.

I have a degree in Interactive Arts and 2 other diplomas in the Arts and teach Art and Design on and off and I’m not particularly wealthy but I have massive ambitions and I know I will be successfull in my field so
I really empathise with your story,but I think I need to find a few images of me being successsfull and put them on my door like yourself and make it work ha ha. But thanks for your material.

It’s nice to know that someone has faced the same scenarios as myself and has overcome them.Plus I’ll say it again this is probably the best advice I’ve heard and I;’ve read a lot I do know you got this stuff of David D ‘Angelo and I read his material too, but what really does it for me on this one is the personal stories.

Thanks again man.
Kind Regards

Leon Thompson
Hi this is Mike. I wanted to respond to your questionnaire. Not that long out of a long term relationship, I recently read the Game and turned on to the PUA scene. I was fascinated by the book as well as the idea that there is a “science” to attracting women. I’ve had success with women, have approached women and women have approached me. But I’ve also blown it with many women and not known why. I also want to “understand” how to break out of the “relationship” mold. I want to control whether things get more serious or keep them just physical and fun.

I joined your site because it’s the most comprehensive regarding daygame I’ve seen. I only have one buddy open to PUA and he’s in a relationship so this bird is pretty much wingless. But, frankly I prefer the idea of having the game to approach girls in casual settings without fearing I’m gonna freak them out or make them uncomfortable.

The single most appealing aspect of your service, what made me buy, was the commentary you provide with your videos. It’s worlds easier to learn this material watching it in action, and having you point out where and how you’re employing technique.

The fact that you and Stephen aren’t superstuds or pulling up to these women in Bentleys makes me confident that me or anyone can do this. So I say thanks for the info. Thank you for putting it out there. I feel it’s very important that we all realize people want to relate to each other. I think the biggest stumbling block for guys is that so much of our thinking about women is sexualized, we either think we’re going to come across as ogres, or we do come across as ogres. I’m seeing that in learning how to convey my interest in others, I’m learning more about myself as well. It’s a can’t lose proposition. Thanks again.

I just have to say that I joined recently and have learned so much from you already. Your approach style, and ability to hold funny normal conversations with women is really uncanny. I actually used your, “do you think drunk I love you’s count” opener last night at a bar in NYC to open a 3 set. The opener worked perfectly and I ended up getting one of the girls numbers.

I have been studying PUA material for about a year now, but your style of teaching, and methods of approach are the best I’ve seen thus far. Basically you’re the man Alex, and I wish I lived in Australia so I could get some in person coaching from you. Anyways, hope all is well down under.



Hey Alex

My name is Lassie.


I think what you have accomplished is amazing! It is so cool that you use your success to help other guys. For me, and probably for dozens of other guys, you are hope and an example for what we all seek to become.

Anyway.. THANK YOU for what you are doing. You`re the best..

Smell you later.. ;)


Hey alex mate i just want to thankyou you are the man, u have really helped me in my game and you are a great person for genuinely helping other guys find girls. Cheers man for all your work if im ever in australia i’d be lucky to run into u and get u a pint :D

thanks bud

andy young

hey alex,
I just wanted to thank you for your awesome videos you have sent me. I have really improved my whole fear of approaching women thing and I have approached a number of them already. And also the wingman strategy you talked about has boosted up my confidence in my approaches a lot! My buddy and I have been sort of daring each other to use specific openers when starting a conversation and we have been very
successful. Your videos are really helping a lot! Thanks again.




Thank you for the 7 day trial membership. To be honest, as much as I am interested in your membership site, I am a little short of money (time’s a bit rough at the moment), despite the fact that your product is worth the money. So I canceled the subscription for the time being given that it’s the final day of the trial in order to decide whether to go for monthly payment or a 50% discounted 1 year membership. Now I know that I am not the only customer.

You probably have tons of customers eagerly waiting in line for your membership site and the 250 spots may be full anytime soon. It may have been full by now. Anyhow if anytime I am too late in arranging the future
payment for the subscription, then I hope I will be able to get access to your awesome new products sometime in the future (hopefully I’ll have enough money by then). Thank you again so much for the 7 day trial. It was an awesome experience. Your products are valuable for learning. I prefer them to those of most of other so called gurus in the industry.

Hi again,

I just want to give you some feedback on the site. The live approach vids with commentary and girls feedback is by far the highlight, and is the main reason I enjoyed my time with your website. I’ve never seen a group of live pickup videos like that all in one easy to find location. Good Luck.


I would just like to thank you again for your fabulous advice on dating. I am now one of your paying members and it continues to help not only for dating but for everyday life. talking to new people was a big problem for me but using your techniques i can not only apply it to picking up women but also to meeting new people wherever I go. As for picking up women I used your conversational and confidence showing techniques to not only have two women fighting for my attention but have the “winner” force her number on me and insist on getting mine. thanx again and I’ll definitley be staying tuned for more.

Anthony B
Hi Alex,
I must say your material is close to David Deangelo, Mr Deangelo works more on
transforming yourself, as you show how to confidently approach and go thru the
steps, as so does Mr Deangelo, as for you, you actually give the video to show how
it’s done, with a commentary on what to do, and I know this cause I’ve purchased a
DVD off you and must say I was quiet happy with it. Cause I’m like gravity, you know it’s there but I need to also see it, then understand it, a tad! To anyone that is considering this material, it’s worth the expenditure of a little cash! The commentaries are well worth it, they demonstrate the correct posture, tone
of voice, and to just relax! Thankyou

hey alex,

i just wanted to personally thank you for your inspirational videos. i also wanted to share with you my successful approach today at the mall. this is my first ever cold approach during the day.

basically i walked into a woman’s clothing store, and a hot chick walks up to me asking if i needed something. i tell her its a ladyfriend of mines birthday and i needed her opinions on whats fashionable. she then holds clothing up to herself, and i then say that the hardest part of shopping for a girl is that i cant try the clothes on myself. she then laughs and says oh well you can feel free to try anything on, and i can assist you! i purchase an item and i make her laugh a little more at the register, then i say “all jokes aside, you seem like a really cool chick, you should give me your number so we can hang out sometime”. she then
proceeds to jot down her number.

i just wanted to thank you alex, without seeing you approach strangers, i dont know if i would have done this. i would love to join your membership site, but i feel that there are 250 guys that need it way more than i do. i did want to express my gratitude your way and encourage you to keep doing what youre doing!
Thanks man you’ve changed my life in many ways than one!






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