Reality Check!  If you’re still not overcoming shyness it’s because you’re feeling sorry for yourself.  You can’t control the outcome when approaching women so you’re selfishly denying them the benefit of being with you.  Instead of getting involved with women and the world in general you’ve decided to go hide in a corner and feel sorry for yourself.

You’re probably the kind of kid that took your ball and bat home if they wouldn’t let you be the pitcher when you played baseball.  So what’s the reality check?  Not overcoming shyness is just a way to avoid stepping into the conflict arena of life.  You avoid the pain of conflict because you don’t always win.  Big deal, nobody always wins.  You step into conflict, wage your battle by presenting your ideas, and you win as often as you can.

So what’s all this selfishness getting you?  Do you have the girl of your dreams or did you let the other guy win the battle of love by default by never even entering the arena?  How long will you keep allowing fear to dominate you by not overcoming shyness?  It’s defining your entire life.  It’s time to step into the arena of life and put an end to this humiliation!

Shyness must be overcome.  If you aren’t overcoming shyness it will paralyze your life.  That ‘other guy’ is always going to take home the girl you want so badly.  She’ll never see you as a man who can take the lead and give her what she wants; what she needs from a man.  Only confident guys who aren’t afraid to do battle for her will win her approval and achieve her favors.

As Julius Caesar cried in Shakespeare’s play, you must “let slip the dogs of war”.  You must stir up that fire within that burns so brightly and cries out for victory in love, sex and relationships.  Turn it to your advantage.  Release that passion to do whatever you must to achieve whatever you want.  You must allow it to overcome your shyness forever.

Need a battle plan?  Here it is:

Running home won’t work.  Get out of your house and go wherever those women are that you want to date.  They’re never going to find you here.  They are the prizes in the battle for love.  You seek prizes, they don’t seek you.

If you find it hard to go out and enter that battle, call on one or more allies.  Get a good wing man.  Take a buddy who will give you moral support and who will likely toss you to those feminine wolves just to get you heart started.  If that doesn’t overcome shyness, nothing probably will.

Who cares.  When you sit around worrying about what you’re going to say, how they’re going to respond, you get gridlocked.  Just jump into the battle and let the blood fly.  It’s about overcoming shyness.  When the dust of love settles you’ll see who won and who lost.  You’ll analyze and adjust after it’s all over.  If you lost you just adjust your battle plans and cry havoc again the next time.

Always go for the gold.  When you shoot for the best you may not get it but you’ll get close to it.  Shoot for the gold enough times and you’ll find you’ve become a gold medalist.  Practice until you achieve what you already believe; that the best belongs to you.  Always approach women who you think might be out of your league and soon you’ll be playing in a new league.

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