There are some types of women that you just never want to date.  These are the women who are the stuff that your nightmares are made of.  You know the type.  This is the one name fits all type: Broadzilla!

There are four basic categories these women fall into.  In no particular order here they are:





Marital Mary

The marital type is looking for a husband not a date.  She’s got everything planned out to the name of your 5th child!  Everything she says and does leads the conversation toward marriage and family.  You have to attach this behavior head on.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate for a moment.

When she brings up marriage inappropriately soon be sure to let her know right away that you’re no where near ready for that.  Give her a definite time frame for when you’ll be ready to TALK, not to get married, just to talk.

Stick to your time frame.  If she pressurizes you and doesn’t respect your decision it’s time to end the relationship.  If she doesn’t respect your wishes now, she never will.

Jealous Janet

The jealous type has been burned in the past and the wound is so deep that she can’t get past the pain.  You’re guilty simply because someone else did something she perceived as bad.  Honesty is the best way to deal with her.

Have a serious conversation in which you point out that you didn’t do anything wrong.  Make it clear to her that no relationship can survive without trust.  Explain that you must have the freedom to talk with females other than her both in work situations and in friendships.  If she wants a relationship she’ll work on respecting your rights.  If she doesn’t respect your rights it’s time to consider ending the relationship.

Clingy Chloe

Clingy women never give you any space.  They invade your privacy at every turn.  They need constant reinforcement.  They are the ultimate high-maintenance chick.  The best way to effectively deal with a woman like this is to set her down and respectfully lay down the law.  Make certain she knows you’re busy and that you have a life beyond her.  Let her know that while you want to have a relationship with her it will be impossible if she continues to be so clingy.  If she doesn’t respect that then you’ll need to exit this relationship asap for your own sanity.

Nutty Nancy

These women will frustrate you so badly that you’ll want to insult them.  Your natural instinct may be to put them down, argue, yell.  Don’t do it.  They play all sorts of head-games.  Make the choice to opt out of the games.  Instead of falling prey to the games and the mood swings simply state your position and move on.

When, not if, you get tired of all the crap she never ceases to throw in your face you need to leave.  This type of woman only produces destruction in her own life and the lives of those around her.  Make the healthy choice of leaving sooner than later.

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