Believe it or not, there are occupations that attract the attention of women more than others.  Whether it’s because the occupation is one that makes a woman feel secure or because she just thinks it’s plain sexy, women are attracted to men in these areas of employment.

Emergency Services.  The type of men that work in emergency services like an active, exciting life.  Women love action and excitement.  They also love the uniform.  It represents authority and power.  Women especially love firefighters.  They see them as heroic, daring, and passionate.  Plus, they have the added bonus of being buff because of physical requirements of their work.  Hot is the word for girls who like these fellows.

Artists.  Women love beauty.  An artist isn’t simply one who paints or sculpts beautiful things.  There are photographers, writers, poets.  Sensitive and sexy is how women see artists.

Tradesmen.  A plumber?  Why not?  Tradesmen are handy to have around the house, know how to fix things, and are creative with their hands.  What’s not to love?  But builders are at the top of the heap.  Every woman has a nesting instinct.  A builder is a maker of that nest.  Very attractive.

Animal rescuer.  A guy that loves animals, and is gentle and compassionate in nature.  A guy that likes cats.  Believe it or not, girls really dig that.  More than one girl has said “Like me, like my cat.”.

Bar Staff.  Let’s face it.  When you go to a bar, you go to relax and unwind.  So do women.  If a woman is slightly drunk and is talking to the bartender, bouncer, or is dancing around in front of the DJ, she’s interested in them.  The bartender is serving her drinks which make her happy; the bouncer keeps her safe from old boyfriends (unless she becomes a problem), and the DJ plays her favorite songs.



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