Well, you feel up to the task of reinventing yourself.  That’ great!  Here a 7 that attract women.  I hope you find these helpful in your journey.

Women are almost universally more interesting in guys that are unique and show more interesting personalities.  Here are the 7 traits.

Trait 1.  Confidence..  All people like to be around someone who is confident in himself and his ability.  When it comes to traits that women love, this trait is king.

Trait 2.  Mysteriousness.  You don’t need to give everyone your life story.  But, do tell about thing that you’ve done or that have happened to you, if they’re interesting.

Trait 3.  Making yourself more desirable.  Girls like men that other girls find interesting.  So, flirt with several women at a time.  Any number.  Just stay away from anyone in particular.

Trait 4.  Becoming the center of attention.   When talking about different subjects.  Make your conversations more interesting by talking with authority about the subject you’ve had brought up in conversation.

Trait 5.  Be fun.  Learn what it takes to bring a fun atmosphere to the table.  Be sure that the subject is exciting.

Trait 6.  Be strong.   Strength is a characteristic that most women love.  Having a strong personality is a valuable asset.  Display this by looking at a woman directly in the eye.  See how long it is before she looks away.

Trait 7.  Challenge her for your affections.  Women like to get things that other women possess.  When utilizing this type of  trait, get her to chase you.  When she sees that you’re not quite as available, this will trigger a response in her that will want to know you better.

Use these 7 areas to begin to make you personality more unique and satisfying for others.

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