You’ve know how to flirt pretty well.  You’re not afraid to approach a woman, and you’ve dealt with the fear of rejection.  At this point your having great conversations with women, meeting some really interesting women, and are having a lot of fun.

But, there’s one area that you haven’t learned yet – getting her to let you take her home.  You seem to lack something in your approach when you ask her to go home with you, but for the life of you, you don’t know what it is.

The answer is quite simple, actually.  It’s trust.  She doesn’t trust you enough to be comfortable going home with you.  You have to build her trust in you as a person before she will be alone with you going out, let alone being with you in your home.

I’m assuming that you’ve treated her in such a way that she enjoys your company.  If that’s the case and you haven’t done anything weird and/or aggressive with her, then it’s pretty simple.  Just behave in a way that she’ll feel safe when you’re near.

When you’ve gained her trust she’ll be more responsive to you than ever before.  Now is the time to begin thinking about taking her home.

Start out with a casual, natural comment.  Something that you know that she’s interested in that you have at home.  It doesn’t have to be something major that you have, just something that she likes.  It could be a music CD, a DVD  or Blu-Ray that she’s been wanting to see.  Even your pet.

Make sure that you don’t lie to her.  Otherwise, she’ll feel betrayed and angry, and she’ll tell everyone she knows that you lied to get her to come home with you.  You’ll have the title of ‘Creep of the Year’ for a long time to come.

When you get to your house, make sure that you show her what you promised to let her see.  During this time, do a little flirting.  See how receptive she is within the confines of your place.  Then, if she responds, well, just continue to flirt, tease, and play.

Don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t want to have sex the first time she’s at your place.  Just invite her back for pizza or even a dinner.  She’s already well aware of your interest.  More than likely it won’t be long before dinner turns into breakfast, too.

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