Initiating a conversation with a woman is easiest when you start with her group of friends.  Don’t use pick-up lines; they’re just not effective.  Using openers is the key for further conversation, but, it’s discreet.

With an opener, you are essentially asking an opinion on something. From that point, you will move into a deeper conversation. By using an opener, she will not immediately catalog you with men who use clichéd pick-up lines and come across as slimy.

First, everyone likes to give their opinion, and women particularly like to give theirs.  Second, openers do not display you as being someone who’s only goal is to hit on a woman.  Openers are also a great method to let her see a little of your individuality. She can see the humorous, appealing, sensible and friendly sides of you.

Start by asking an open-ended question.  Then ask for the opinion of the group she’s in.  The question needs to be on a subject that’s both interesting and will inspire conversation.  Remember, you don’t know anyone in her group, so they may be a bit cautious of talking with someone they don’t know.

Make it look like your only going to stick around for a short time.  Don’t focus your attention on the woman your interested in; your focus is the group at this point.  .

An easy and effective approach is to start with the statement, “Hey, I was talking to my friends and decided that I should get a woman’s opinion on …”  Whatever subject you use at this point, make sure it’s interesting, funny, and lighthearted. Have a basis as to why you are asking the group their opinion on your choice of openers.

As the conversation goes from person to person, make sure that you carefully single out the woman you’re interested in.  Ask her specifically what her opinion is; what would she do in that given situation.  This will make her feel like the center of attention and that she’s special.  This will make you special to her.  Go ahead and get her a little ways from the group and get her number.

Being prepared is the key for using openers.  Prepare at least three in advance.  Make sure they are appropriate for any group, any circumstance.  Be creative.  Be yourself.  But keep your questions open for lots of enjoyable and fun conversation.  It’s the best way to get her attention.



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