Sometimes finding a way to approach a girl is to simply go up and offer her a kiss.  A chocolate kiss that is.  This is an easy way to go up to a girl and get her attention and her approval in one fell swoop.

Go out and buy a couple bags of Hershey Kisses.  Get a bag of regular kisses and a bag of a different variety of kisses.  You know, swirl, dark chocolate, almonds, what ever floats your boat.  Then make sure that whenever you go out that you carry some of each kind with you.  Keep a supply at home where you can pick up a few of each to take with you anywhere.

Let’s say you’re out at a party.  People are socializing and having a good time.  Everyone’s relaxed.  Just go up to a girl that you would like to meet.  Have a kiss in each hand, a different variety for each.  Smile and, with just a little orneriness, say, “A woman as beautiful as you deserves a kiss!”  Then, hold out both hands, grasping the kiss to hide it, telling her to pick one.

If she’s brave enough to touch your hand to get her kiss, then you’ll know that she is open to getting to know you.  You can begin to joke around with her a bit and ask for her name right up front.  The address, phone number, email address,  and asking her out  will be able to follow pretty quickly afterward.  Just be open and attuned to her attitudes and body language.

If she just points, then you’ll want to continue talking with her in a way that is less personal, but will still allow you to get to know her.  Give her the Hershey’s kiss, then open the chocolate that she left and tell her something like, “I like these silly things, too.”  Talk for a while about chocolate, asking her what her favorite type is, or something light like that.  Slowly work you way in the conversation to getting her name, number, address, and email.  If you are able to get her to her comfort level with you, go ahead and ask her out.  I guarantee you she will like the attention and will respond favorably.

This technique can also be used with a group of girls, as well.  Just make sure you have enough for everyone and keep you hand open with both kinds for them to choose from.  Say to the group “Wow, so many beautiful women?  Here’s a kiss of each of you.”  They will all love you for complimenting them and for giving them chocolate.  The one that responds the most positively and talks with you more than the others, she’s the one to go after.

This may sound like an incredibly simple to make an approach, but it’s extremely effective.  The key is to relax, be your own sweet self, and share your chocolate.

Girls and chocolate.  Who knew!

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