There are a lot of nice guys out there.  Guys who will do almost anything to get the attention of a woman, except the right thing.  I was one of those guys.  It seemed like the harder it tried to get a woman to notice me, the less she was attracted.  But, things have changed.  I’m still a nice guy, but I’m the nice guy who now attracts women instead of repelling them.

If found some secrets about approaching and attracting women that have revolutionized my thinking.  The tip-top secret of them all is so simple that it will astound you.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  When women go out, they want to meet people.  Basically, they are waiting for you to walk up and start talking with them.  They’re primed for attraction.  The nice guy who now attracts women realizes that women are looking for men as much as men are looking for women.

There’s a second secret I’ve found as the nice guy who now attracts women.  It’s also so simple that it’s almost embarrassing to admit that I had to be taught this instead of thinking of it myself.  The second secret is that it’s all about having fun.  If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.  When I decided to relax, be myself, and have fun whenever I approached women, I began to have more success when talking with women.  When women go out, they just want to have fun.  Once I realized this I loosened up and began to have fun with them.  It was great!  And it still is!

There are a few more secrets to becoming the nice guy who now attracts women.  These are easy and simple just like the first two I’ve just mentioned.

  1. Smile – a warm, genuine smile is the greatest ice breaker there is.
  2. Be upbeat – a positive and fun attitude are one of the most attractive assets anyone can possess.
  3. Flirt – women love to flirt.  Make sure that you make flirting give and take; it’s sexier and more fun.

Take it from the nice guy who now attracts women.  Realize women are out to talk and attract men and have fun.  The rest will take care of itself when you’re really having fun.

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