You’re a nice guy, right?  You’re nice to all the women you work with.  You listen to them talk about their boyfriends when you’re on break, and sometimes they come to you for advice.  They all tell you that you’re a really sweet guy and any woman would be lucky to have you.  But, not one of them will go out with you.  You ever wonder why?

You make a good friend and a good confidant, but not a good lover.  At least, that’s how you’re seen in their eyes.  You’ve allowed these women to lead you around to the point of being Dear Abby for them.  You lack excitement and danger.  They don’t see you as a man, but as a “my friend”.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a relationship with a woman where you really are friends.  But if you want to date that woman instead of giving her advice about her love life you’re going to have to change your game plan.

For some reason, a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of women love bad boys and jerks.  Go figure!  They actually want someone who won’t get very involved with them, can be selfish, dominates the others around him, and will even date several women at one time.  AND THEY LOVE THIS GUY?!

So, Alex, are you telling me to turn into a self-centered jerk?  No, not at all.  What I am telling you is that you’re going to have to mix things up a bit to make yourself more attractive, more dangerous, and more exciting.

The bad boy is somewhat detached.  He doesn’t really care about what she thinks about him.  He has his own code of standards, his own life to live.  If she wants to be with him, she’ll get in line with what he wants.  Why does she find that so attractive?  Because he’s secure in his masculinity; he’s sure of himself.  He doesn’t need the approval of anyone else.  This is extremely exciting and attractive to women.  Women find that they’ll do nearly anything to be close to a man like that.  It’s freakin’ primal; women love men who possess them with their masculinity.

Jerks are like bad boys on steroids.  They’re dominating, and aggressive, but they get away with this behavior is because they possess an air of sophistication and are charming.  They’re users of women.  You’ll see them out with several different women within a short span of time.  Why do women love them?  Because they love being seen with a man who is charming, sophisticated, has control of a room, and will take care of them sexually with no apologies.

You don’t need to become these guys, you just need to morph some of their traits into your game.  Realize that if women see you as a friend, you already have something that they want.  You simply need to connect your confidence in yourself as a friend as confidence that you’re masculine and attractive as well.  Stand tall, literally.  Hold their gaze when they look at you.  Lead the conversation away from their boyfriends to your plan to go out this weekend and the fun you’re going to have with the girl you take out.  Too bad they can’t be that girl.  Turn the table on them.  They’ll begin to see you in a new light.  Get ready for the chase, it’s coming.

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