A LOT of guys have trouble talking with women.  They want to know the right way to talk to women, but can’t seem to say the right words at the right time.  Or, worse yet, don’t say anything at all.  They’re afraid that they’ll come off as desperate, slimy, or weak.

The first rule of thumb you need to remember as the right way to talk to women is that women are human beings first.  You’re not talking with an alien from another planet, just a girl who probably has some something in common with you.  If you were going to talk with another guy, would you get all tongue-tied about what you’re going to say?  Of course not!  You’re just going to talk.

It’s not that much different with women.  Don’t try to use flattery or attempt to impress her with your job, clothes, car, or any other kind of status symbol.  She’ll just see you as someone who lacks the confidence to be comfortable in his own skin.  Be yourself.  You don’t have to pretend to be someone else in order to start a conversation.  That’s not the right way to talk to women at all.

The most important difference in talking with a woman from a man is one critical element that you ALWAYS include.  That element is flirting.   Whenever you approach, the right way to talk to women is to flirt with them.  You don’t have to start out flirting, but you definitely need to begin within a few minutes the start of the conversation.

Now, I know that some of you are sweating bullets at this point.  But think of this – if you don’t flirt, how is she supposed to understand that you see her as someone who’s sexy and attractive?  See, the right way to talk to women to treat them like a likeable human being that you want to talk with, then let them know that you see them as something more.  All women are girls at heart.  They all still like the chase, the adventure of flirting.

The really cool thing about flirting is that it shows a woman that you’re sexually attracted to her without ever saying it out loud.  You’re like a magician who can take a girl from just standing around to the most interesting person in the room.  After all, she’s the most interesting person there for you.  The right way to talk to women is to make them feel special by using the magic of flirting.

One last suggestion:  less is more.  The right way to talk to women is for you to talk less and let them talk more.  Ask an interesting question, or bring up a topic that’s fun.  Then let her tell you her perspective on the subject.  It’s a fact that women actually say around 7,000 to 10,000 more words a day than men.  Let that natural ability to have conversation work for you.  This is extremely attractive to women.


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