Developing superior confidence with women is not as hard as it seems.   Confidence is a learned skill, not an automatic attribute.  It has to be grown like anything that is of any value.  Let’s to some of the more obvious areas of confidence.

This first thing is a lot easier than expected.  For almost everyone, the first part of gaining confidence is to develop a positive mindset.  When you learn to like yourself and think that what you say has merit, then you are well on your way.  The positive mindset looks at all sides of an issue, then thinks on the most positive solution or attribute of that issue.

Confidence has to be practiced.  No one plays the piano well without practicing.  It’s the same with confidence.  Look in the mirror every day and say ‘Good morning!!  It’s going to be a great day today.”  Then keep saying this to yourself through out the day.  Even if you have a crummy day, just remind yourself that it’s a great day.  I know that this may be difficult at first, but it get easier and easier as tim goes

Next, start talking.  Don’t talk with just women, but talk with everyone.  Talk about the weather, the football season, work.  As soon as the snow clears, talk about going out for a walk with a friend, male or female.  No radio or television.  Just the sweet sounds of conversation.  Find out what people like and dislike, what make’s them happy.  Pay attention to what they say about themselves, then remember it for another conversation at another time.

Lastly,  be charming.  Women like to be treated with gentleness, kindness, and deference.  That’s what being charming is all about.  Manners do count.  So does being fun.  Together they are dynamite with the ladies.

Put all these elements together and you will be a magnetic, fun person to be around.

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