1. Don’t chase her.  As I said before, younger women are just beginning their adult lives.  They may be just now finding their freedom from a controlling home life where they had no freedom at all.  She doesn’t want to feel like she’s stepping back into that kind of existence.  Her attraction to you comes from wanting something that’s different and exciting.  She’s making a choice to be with you because that’s what she wants, not because you chase her down and capture her.  Give her space and let her chase you.
  1. Expect changes.  Young women that are just now beginning their adult lives will experience remarkable change within the next few years.  It’s just a fact of life that she will change and grow into a new person altogether.  Everyone experiences this cycle of life.  Be open to it and embrace it.  Challenge her to grow and become her best.  You’ll both enjoy this exciting time of her life more fully and intensely.
  1. Be a gentleman.  All girls, whether they’re 18, 28, or older, like to be treated like a lady.  The fact that few men/’boyz’ have ever treated them that way is a critical advantage for you!  Open doors for them; pull out their chair when being seated; even putting your sweater or jacket around their shoulders when it’s chilly will make them feel special and make a huge impression on them.  Combine this with your self-assurance and masculinity; this will make you extremely attractive and nearly irresistible.  Good on you!
  1. Be calm.  With all the changes occurring around her, a lot of young women feel like their world has become completely unstable.  Many of them will become drama queens.  You, however, don’t need, or want, to succumb to all of this.  Freaking out is just not your style.  Just stay cool.  That’s part of what she’s attracted to.  Don’t try to fix things for her or give her unsolicited advice.  That’s what dad would do.  If she truly wants your advice she’ll settle herself down and ask for it in an appropriate, non-emotional way.  Then, and only then, tell her what you think about the situation.  Then set back and let her make up her own mind about the situation.

10.  Be aware of how frequently you’re with her.  Younger women are more emotional and can become attached to you a lot more easily and quickly than what you realize.  The way you control this is by watching the amount of time you spend with her and talk with her.  If you want a close relationship, increase the time you’re with her.  If you want a more casual relationship, then spend less time.  Triggering those attachment emotions can become a little tricky.  If you see her more than once a week or talk with her more than twice a week you take the risk of her becoming very emotionally attached to you.

Dating younger women takes more effort, but the rewards are exhilarating.  By just putting a little more time and effort into it, you can have a red-hot relationship with women ten, fifteen, or even twenty years younger than you.  Good luck and happy hunting!

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