217The Key To Becoming a GOOD Pick Up Artist

Some of the most successful pickup artists have a skill that can NOT be taught on the workshops, in fact the pick up artist probably doesn’t even know he has this skill as its unconscious, or outside the real of their consciousness and they don’t even know they have this unique skill.

That skill is the “unwavering belief in themselves”

Some would say this is confidence and they would be right, it’s also a mixture of arrogance, pride and a few other things.

This is a GOOD skill to have and I’ll tell you why in just a second.

Most budding pickup artists are in the ‘game’ for three months or less and they give up, they give it a try and go out a few times with their buddies they do about half the approaches they could do, and they say they’re not really getting the results of other PUAs out there are getting so they give up. Then a few months later they’re back again giving it another try.

There’s nothing wrong with this don’t get me wrong, in fact this is good that they remained unwavering and giving it another shot. What I am trying to say however is that you should keep going from the get go and never let rejection stop you, or “club” girls attitude deter you.

The skill the drives success in life, in business, personal relationships and other areas is persistence, it’s having this belief in yourself that you can do it and you deserve it. Most importantly is that you DESERVE IT as this will always provide you with a drive to achieve it.

226Man guys I’ve coached through my workshop business have learned somewhat skills (from me and others) on being persistent at pickup even when the odds seem like they’re against you.
So what is persistence and some good examples?
I’ve met a lot of successful pick up artists in my life either when I’m interviewing them, running a workshop on some of my travels and bumping into them or just been introduced to them and these insightful guys all possess the skill of persistence and belief.


· Continuity: the property of a continuous and connected period of time
· Doggedness: persistent determination

I like the last word DETERMINATION.

Some good examples of PUA Persistence:
** Never let a rejection from a girl deter or stop you from more approaches
** Never let a bad breakup deter you from feeling for another girl again in the future
** Always be positive in-light of any circumstances (this will always guide you to a solution)
** Even if she has a boyfriend be persistent as most girls who say they have a partner don’t in fact and she’s just testing you.

To become a pick up artist you need the skill of persistence, if you get shot down or rejected then take a breather, have a coffee, don’t get inside your head and think “why, what’s wrong, what am I doing wrong” etc just have a break and keep going. This is the best way to get good at this.

Talk soon
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