Having an incredible relationship is much like erecting a building.  Your start with an idea that everyone’s excited about, then you lay a solid foundation on which to build.  Every support, every joist, every part of that building is reliant on the foundation being sturdy and solidly built.

The three rules listed here are that foundation.

Remember to have fun.

After the initial excitement of a new relationship things can become stale.  You feel a little stifled and fun is no longer a part of your relationship.  This is extremely dangerous to your relationship.  Do something spontaneous like a week-end road trip you plan at the last minute.  Or make plans to do one of your favorite activities at least twice a month.  Enjoy laughing with each other and find ways to keep that laughter alive.

Respect each other equally.

Both partners in a relationship need and deserve the respect of equal treatment.  If one partner dominates the other, be it the man or the woman, the relationship is unhealthy.  This type of relationship is unbalaned and leads to a good deal of pain.  Respect each other equally, or dissolve the relationship.

Be open and honest with each other.

This is the cornerstone of any good relationship.  Honesty is crucial when problems arise.  Being open with each other and sharing how you view things and how you feel with honesty is more valuable than any amount of counseling.  If you are honest with each other any problem can be worked through.

Incredible relationships take effort from both partners, but the rewards are fantastic.  If you maintain the three rules mentioned here, your chances for a long and wonderful relationship are well in hand.  Just remember:

Have fun

Respect each other equally

Be open and honest.

Simple and straightforward keys for your success.



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