We see it on television, movies, billboards, you name it.  The message being repeated over and over is that beautiful women ONLY date guys that are rich, tall, and handsome.  Guys, it’s just not so.  Attracting women takes more than looks.

Don’t get all bent out of shape.  Think about the last time you went out and took a good look around the room.  How many average or even sub-average looking guys had a beautiful woman with them?  Nearly all of them, right?  That’s because women do everything they can to make themselves beautiful.  Guys, we just wash up, groom a little, maybe dress nice, and then just go.  Attracting women isn’t about your looks – it’s the fact that women look for a guy with a great personality more than anything else.

First and foremost in that personality profile for attracting women is a good sense of humor.  Have you ever noticed that women love to laugh?  Remember the club where you were looking around?  I bet that where there was laughter heard, there was a crowd with a flock of beautiful women there.  Guys that are successful in attracting women know how to make a woman laugh.  I’ve even heard some guys say that if they can get a woman to laugh she’s half-way into bed with him.

You don’t have to be a comedian to use humor to your advantage.  You just have to relax and have some fun.  A woman doesn’t want to be swept away by your glib tongue.  She just wants to have fun and enjoy herself.  Be confident in your own personality, your own style.  Begin by smiling.  Your smile is a good way to begin attracting women.  When you smile they see that you’re open and friendly.

When anyone laughs, there’s a chemical reaction in their brain.  Endorphins kick in and positive emotions come up and begin to do their thing in the brain.  Laugh a little more and neurons are firing left and right. Excitement is building and the brain is having a blast.  Add a little flirting in there, and the brain begins to move into from just plain enjoyment to sexual stimulation.  Attracting women starts with humor.

The next time you go out, remember to relax and use some humor.  Have fun, laugh, and flirt.  After all, isn’t this what you want as well when you’re with a beautiful women?  Learn to have fun and you’ll be attracting women all night long.

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