Approach her or I’ll Shoot!!!!!

Today I want to talk about a simple and effective (yet somewhat DANGEROUS) technique that allows you to instantly approach beautiful women in everyday situations without fear or nervousness.

You’ve never heard about this ‘controversial’ technique before.

But before I do, you need to understand WHY this technique works so well. Let me explain …
This technique is so effective because it utilizes one of the greatest psychological motivators there is.

“The Fear of Loss”

Here’s how it works: In life, just because you WANT something (like a hot girlfriend or a fancy car) doesn’t mean you’ll go out and get it, right?

Why not? Because most of the time our own FEARS hold us back.

So how do we overcome our FEARS and get what we want out of life?

The answer is: Make fear work for you and NOT against you. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?
Here’s how: Let me explain a disturbing scenario.

If a mad-man kidnapped one of your family members, held a GUN to their head and said:
“If you don’t approach 3 beautiful women today, then I’m gonna SHOOT them!”

Would you do it? Of course you would!

You’d do it without hesitation, wouldn’t you?

And would you be SCARED of approaching women? I doubt it. You’d be SO focused on saving another person’s life that you wouldn’t even have time to feel “approach anxiety” right?

So the above gun-to-their-head story was an extreme example of how the “ fear of loss ” principal works. But it wasn’t real.

Now let me give you a REAL tried-and-tested method you can use to approach women without fear – using the “fear or loss” principal.

Here’s how it works: Invite a supportive friend to meet you in a place with lots of women around.(Like a shopping mall, grocery store, etc).

Then hand your friend $100 in five $20 bills.(if you cant afford $100, then use a smaller amount, like $50 in five $10 bills).

Say to your friend: “My goal for the next 2 hours is to approach and talk to FIVE attractive women. Each time I approach a woman, you give me back $20 (or $10).

11111If I successfully approach five women within the next two hours – then I get all of my money back, if I don’t, then you get to keep my money. Got it?”

RULES: If I approach a woman and she slaps me, pokes me in the eye, or kicks me in the balls – it doesn’t matter. My goal today is just to approach, nothing more.

And that my friend, is a fantastic way to get over your fears of approaching women.

Now go out there and do it!

Your Friend,


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