“There she is!  I can’t believe my eyes!  She’s the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen.  But I’ll never get her.”  Dude, you’re right.  With an attitude like that, you’ll never even get near her.  The question is, do you really want to meet her and get to know her?  Do you want HER to get to know you?

I think Henry Ford, the automobile tycoon, said it best.  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

If you’re in the ‘you can’t” category and want to get out, you MUST learn this – You Are In Control Of Your Choices.

YOU make the choice to approach a woman or to leave her sitting.  YOU make the choice to be afraid of rejection or to go on in spite of that fear.  YOU make the choice to get up and keep trying when you get no for an answer.

It’s just that easy, and just that hard.  A key to help with this choice of a new lifestyle is to keep your thoughts on the present.  There is no future to be afraid of.  There is no past to regret.  There is only now.

Now there is a beautiful woman you want to meet.  Now she is here, near to you.  Now is the opportune time to approach her.  Now is the time to be happy that you have all these wonderful choices in front of you.  Now is the time to have fun.

When you live life in NOW you’ll approach any and all women you find interesting.  You’ll find when you make mistakes and she doesn’t respond favorably, all that is happening is that you have a learning moment in the NOW.   Approaching women will become easier and eventually be a reflex reaction when you see a woman you want to meet.

NOW is the time.  NOW is the place.  NOW is your time.  Choose NOW.

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