Are you a salesman?  If you are, you’ll recognize this technique right away.  It’s a standard technique used in making a sale, but with the twist of making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.

Let’s say you meet a woman for the first time.  You’ve already gotten past the introductions and are getting to know each other a little better.  You’re flirting a little and developing a chemistry between each other while talking.

There’s a place in this ‘conversation’ where you begin leading up to the next level, such as getting her number, a date, or begin kissing.  However, this is the spot where you change your strategy.

Put this picture in you mind.  You’re at that critical point of progress, but instead of gratifying her desire to kiss, get a date, or whatever, you look at her and say that you’re sorry, but you have to get back to your friends.  Then, being totally relaxed, get up and tell her that you’ll see her again in a while.  Make sure that you keep eye contact while doing all of this.

She’ll either be stunned or start trying to keep you with her.  But, keep moving.  Be nice, but continue to make your exit.  Go on back to your friends and get on with whatever their doing.  At this point, you can even talk to another girl; however, you might want to practice this technique a few times before doing that. This is a potent technique, so use caution.

This will drive her crazy.  She’s going to ask herself why you’re not with her anymore.  She’ll even try to get you attention.  Her mind will be filled with thoughts of you.

Later on, go back and see her again.  You’ll probably have to go through a few preliminary steps to regain some ground, but don’t be surprised if these are cut very short and you’re back talking intimately with her again quickly.  Now that you’re back with her, she’s going to do whatever she needs to do to keep you there.  Her goal is to build your attraction to her.

That’s it in a nutshell.  By using this technique, you make yourself highly desirable prize that she wants.  Instant attraction is that easy.

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