Have you ever heard anyone say “Wow, they look a lot different than how they sound.”  We all have.  We begin to base our perceptions of who a person is or what they look like based solely on their voice.  I’m going to give you a few verbal seduction tips in the next few paragraphs to help you attain a sexy sounding voice.

When it comes to dating your voice is a very powerful tool.  You can begin the process of getting a woman to go to bed with you by a few simple words, spoken in a sultry voice.  Of course, your body language, looking into her eyes, and being able to speak conversationally with her are all important.  But if you cap it all off with a sexy voice, she’ll be listening to every hint that you give her.  These verbal seduction tips will help you learn how to modulate your voice to make it more sexy and seductive.

Start out by recording your voice.  This may sound like overkill, but this is one of the most important of the verbal seduction tips I can give.  You’re not going to know how you sound to others until you hear your own voice.  It doesn’t matter if you record on a digital voice recorder, make an MP4 file of your voice, or even use your answering machine.  The point is to find a way to record what you currently sound like.

Now carefully listen to how you sound.  What’s the tone of your voice; high and squeaky, gravelly, monotone?  Do you talk so fast that you’re difficult to understand or so slow that you find yourself getting bored before the sentence ends?  Do you slur your words one into the other?  Do you say “uh” and “you know” frequently?  Take notes and be honest with yourself.  The use of these verbal seduction tips is to help you find problem areas and then change them.

Practice changing the problem areas.  One of the easiest ways to train your voice is to sing.  The song need to be melodic and easy.  It could be something as simple as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, and easy show-tune, or a pop-song.  The point is to sing and record your voice.  When singing, do your best to clearly speak each word.  Sing at different octaves or in a different key.  Of all the verbal seduction keys that I’m giving you, this one will help you to change your vocal tone and help you learn to say words clearly.
If you really don’t like singing, another of the verbal seductions tips I have is to read out loud.  Again, record and listen to how you sound.  Learn to modulate your voice for the different characters, then note the differences in your tone.  If needed, take the time to listen to an audio book to how another person narrates.  Listen to their tones to help you learn what to listen for in your own voice.

Although these verbal seduction tips are clearly for getting a woman into bed, you can use these same techniques in your everyday life.  You’ll be surprised how people respond to a sexy, well-spoken man, like yourself.

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