Wouldn’t it be great if you could crawl inside a woman’s head and know what she finds attractive in a guy?  That kind of insider information could take you a very long way with any woman you wanted to date.

Most guys haven’t got a clue what women want.  The great news is that women have been telling men all along what they want.  Here’s a collection of six of the most popular things on the female desires list.

  • Excitement

Everyone loves excitement.  Boredom is… well a bore! 🙂  If you can draw a woman out of her boredom you’ll automatically BE exciting to her.  Add a little mystery to the mix and you have an explosive situation.  Being mysterious causes her to do the hard imagination work.  If you change what she imagines to something else exciting it just reinforces to her that you’re exciting beyond her expectations.

  • Intelligence

Smart guys get it.  Literally.  Women have a left-right brain radar.  They sense intelligence in the reasoning area and the emotional area of a guy.  Don’t even try to hide it.  They pick it up even when you’re in stealth mode.  Women are disgusted by guys who can’t figure out how to feel and think the right way.  In other words be the right guy internally and you’ll be the right guy, period!

  • Self Confidence

This one aspect of who you are may very well be the most important.  It’s like the headline in a newspaper.  If women read it and it doesn’t interest them they never go any further.  A man who is self confident can’t help but display it in his body language.  He’ll be cool in social situations and in private situations as well.  He can be depended upon, relied upon, and trusted to take charge.  If you exude self confidence you’ll have trouble getting rid of women rather than trying to attract them.

  • Sense of Humor

Laughter is the ultimate natural high for anyone wanting to be happy.  Women love being happy so you must have a good sense of humor.  Humor is like a virus.  It’s infectious.  Utilize humor the right way and you can say anything…with a laugh.  By putting her at ease you can easily suggest things that wouldn’t be appropriate in a normal conversation.  Insinuations and innuendos will naturally slide past her normal defenses and become something she considers without fear.  Make her laugh and she’ll make you happy.

  • Status

Women love leaders.  (See the section on self confidence)  Leaders take charge.  They protect.  They provide.  While women want to see themselves as enlightened and no longer desiring security nothing could be further from the truth.  If you’re a leader you display the qualities that prove you’re capable of keeping them emotionally and physically secure.  This is a very high need on their list so you’ll be very high on their list.

  • Style

How you look matters.  If you’re not attractive (usually meaning well groomed) she won’t even take a second look at you.  You have to stop and consider that she probably took quite some time to put together her look for you.  If you haven’t shown the same respect and courtesy in this ‘small matter’ she’ll probably consider that this is how you are and who you are and won’t want anything do to with you.

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