Webster’s Dictionary defines the word conversation as an ‘oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas’.  However, when you’re talking about women and dating, what is conversation that will get you to the level of intimacy that you want?  You’ll find the answers in the next few paragraphs.

When looking to find what is conversation with a woman, you have to realize there a various ways to communicate.  There is verbal communication (talking), then there is non-verbal (body language, gestures, facial expressions).  The verbal part of your communication amounts to only about 20%.  Fully 80% of your communication is non-verbal.  So, how can you communicate more effectively if you don’t consider your body as well as your words?

Think about this.  When you’re flirting, is it only with your words?  If it is, you’re not utilizing 80% of your full range of communication.  Flirting and other sexual types of communication are best done with the eyes and the mouth.  Sure, you can definitely compliment her on how sexy she looks, but that just starts the ball rolling.  When you look at her, start at the top of her head and survey her figure all the way down to her toes.  Make sure you’re smiling the whole time.  Then deliver the compliment again.  It will have an amazingly greater impact then the words alone.  After all, what is conversation but the expression of genuine admiration and attraction to the woman you’re with.

Non-verbal communication is what creates a vibe between you and the woman you’re talking with.  You say with your gesture, facial expressions, and demeanor what you don’t say with your words.  How she reacts to your non-verbal communication can quickly and subtly tell you how intimate she wants to be with you.  For instance, if you’ve approached a woman in a club and she is talking with you, take a moment to slow down.  Look at her face and begin with the eyes, then go to her mouth, then her neck, and back up to her eyes, smiling the whole time.  Never go below her neck.  You may see anything from a blush and smile, to an open and inviting wide grin.  Women love to be admired.  Checking out their face is one of the simplest ways to do this.  So, what is conversation?  Letting a woman know that you admire her looks.  Then getting admiring looks back.

Good conversation communicates both verbally and non-verbally.  It commands respect from others.  And, good conversation will let the woman that you’re with know that she’s with a guy who know how to read her, inside and out.  What is conversation?  It’s the language of attraction.

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