When most people are asked, “What is conversation?” they respond with some standard answer that it’s the ability to share ideas with other people and to understand other people’s ideas.  Conversation is much more than that, though.  Conversation is the ability to share who you are with other people and to discover who other people are as well.

Conversation is a shifting target, though.  What is conversation?  When you put conversation in the context of a man and a woman who are talking it becomes a very powerful exchange medium.  It allows them to reach out to each other in the marketplace of love and to make a connection.

These connections and vary in strength.  An initial connection can be very weak or very strong depending upon how you speak.  A man who reaches out to a woman with weakness can’t expect to find a very strong connection.  He doesn’t grasp the “what is conversation” question.  He fails to understand that conversation is a starting point; it’s a bridge in the gap between him and the woman he desires.

Women love conversation.  They’ll never stumble over the question, “what is conversation”.  To them it’s a platform to allow them to evaluate you for compatibility.  They can talk to you and find out everything they need to know in a very short period of time.  It allows them to “try you on” and see if you fit.  Women love to shop and that’s what they’re doing when they talk to men.  They’re shopping.  Remember, though, they shop, they try things on, but they only buy what they can’t live without.

If you want to be someone they can’t live without you have to know the answer to “what is conversation”.  Conversation for you is a three minute presentation for a new position.  You’ve already been screened and evaluated as a possible candidate.  You must creatively reach out to that new opportunity and present yourself in an appealing way.  Conversation allows you to present yourself in the best light so you’ll get that position.

You must be in control without seeming to be in control.  By making her feel like she’s in control but making her experience desirable feelings you retain control.  Remember, sometimes less is more.  I’m not talking about manipulating her against her will.  I’m talking about working with her to lead her into a super experience with you.  You’ll know exactly how to do that with any woman the minute you understand and can clearly share the answer to “what is conversation”.

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