A lot of guys feel like women are mysterious creatures that they can’t figure out.  They look at how they change their mind frequently or how they can be happy one minute and cry the next.  Or, here’s a real mind boggler; what’s with all those shoes and purses?

The truth is that women and men ARE different in the ways they act, speak, and perceive the universe (think of the book, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars).   However, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t know what they want.  It’s really pretty simple.  They want a decent human being that possesses the following traits and values:

Confidence:  Everyone likes to be around a person who is confident.  This may sound bogus, but think about it.  When you were in school, the guys that people most liked to be around weren’t just jocks, or the really smart guys, or even the best looking guys.  It was the guy who was athletic, smart, and was CONFIDENT in his abilities.  The looks actually came in a distant fourth.  Being confident is about being comfortable with yourself; your own honest estimation of your abilities.

Honesty:  This is a no-brainer.  Don’t lie.  About anything.  Ever.  If the truth is going to hurt, be gentle, but never lie.

Integrity:  This sounds like honesty, but it’s actually has to do with the core of your character.  Integrity is honesty, reliability, and responsibility all wrapped up together.  If you don’t have this trait as part of your core character, do whatever you have to do to change that.  This one isn’t just about women; it’s about your success in life.

Good sense of humor:  Women love to laugh.  They also love to feel comfortable around people.  A good sense of humor is more than being funny; it’s about being easy to be around.  Relax and enjoy the woman your with; have fun.

An ease with sexuality:  This means being attuned with her sexual needs.  Learn to read a woman’s sexual responses when your with her.  Make mental notes of what pleases her, especially if you both are enjoying the same thing.

If you develop these 5 traits you’ll be light-years ahead of the game.

And remember, HAVE FUN!



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