When you meet a woman for the first time what do you think she’s looking for?  How hot you are?  Sorry if this disappoints you, but what she’s looking for are clues about the real you.  If you want to know what women think when talking to you, just look at the short list below:

Would he like my friends/ would my friends like him?  Women are very social creatures.  To learn what women think when talking to you, just casually listen in on a group of women who are out together.  You’ll soon learn how their friends talk about their boyfriends.  If a guy isn’t getting along with a woman’s friends, this puts a strain on the relationship with her friends.  If he does get along with her friends, a woman is more open with the relationship.

Is he good in bed?  Hey!  Sex is important for everyone.  It’s a basic, primal urge.  Part of what women think when talking to you has to do with your lovemaking skills.  If you present as confident and self-assured in public, then a woman will conclude that you’ll be that same confident guy in bed.

Do people like him?  Attractiveness and likeability go hand-in-hand.  A woman will watch how other people around respond to your personality.  If your relaxed and having fun, so are the people around you.  In reality, what women think when talking to you is pretty easy to know.   If you’re a likeable guy with everyone around you, you’re going to be someone she likes, too.

Could he fit in my life/could I fit in his?  Don’t worry about being sized up for a wedding band.  She’s just thinking about how you can work the relationship into the schedule called her life.  What women think when talking to you is how can you both work out your time together.

These questions, and more, occur within the first three minutes of conversation with a woman.  Make the most of your personality.  The answers to the question about your confidence, passions, sense of humor, and whether or not you know what you want out of life are what women think when talking to you.  They want to know you.  Be cool, be yourself, and you’ll be with any woman you want.

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