Women shop for men like they shop for curtains.  They size you up.  The examine you to see how you’ll fit into the rest of their life.  If you want to know what women think when talking to you, just sit back and watch them when they talk to another guy and watch their reactions.

The primary core drives that a woman has are emotions and relationship.  Everything revolves around these core drives.  They are the engine and the transmission of her life.  Emotions are the power that drives her but relationship can shift from one gear to the next, always taking things to a higher level.  Knowing what women think when talking to you is based in these two areas of her life.

Women are like dragsters.  From the moment she lays eyes on you the flag and been waved.  She floors it.  Her mission is to evaluate you as quickly as she can.  Believe me when I tell you that within 3 minutes of that flag she’ll know everything she needs to know to last her a lifetime!  If you don’t know what women think when talking to you then you don’t know how to make it to the finish line with her.

So, what women think when talking to you is whether you fit into their life and if so, how you would fit into their life.  She’s evaluating your character, your abilities, how you make her feel, how you handle yourself and many other things.  She’s fitting you for her relational network.  It’s like when you get a new player on the team.  You have to know how he’ll work out and if he’ll work out and where he might be a problem.  That’s how women approach thing but with a MUCH more emotional overtone.

Women are attracted to me who are self confident and know what they want out of life.  They like men who have strong masculine traits but who aren’t so masculine that they can’t be tender and gentle when necessary.  It will take some practice to develop a balance here.  Be too gentle and you’ll be perceived as a wimp.  Be too masculine and you’ll be perceived as a bore.  It’s important to know what women think when talking to you so you can control the outcome of the conversation.  The man who’s strong enough to be sensitive and who can remain self confident in both modes is the man who’s going home with the woman!

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