There’s one point that you must remember when talking with a woman, whether you’re out on a date or in the break room chatting, that will get you from just friendly to downright sexy in no time flat – make her feel good.  What women want to hear are the little things that say ‘I notice you’ that causes them to feel beautiful, sexy, and desired.

By complimenting a woman on her looks, her intelligence, or even what she’s wearing will send the message to her that you 1) like what you see, 2) would like to know her better, 3) that she’s attractive.  What women want to hear is that they are sexy and desirable.   All these things work together to give her a powerful positive sensation; it gives her day a lift and makes her feel sexy.  . Those positive emotions translate into a greater likelihood of a date for you!

The compliment will work more effectively if you take the time to learn how to deliver it correctly.  Eye contact is crucial.  But make sure you’re relaxed with it; don’t have a staring contest or appear to be leering at her.  Looking deeply into her eyes while you deliver the compliment will make her feel extremely sexy.  Use a clear, low tone of voice.  When you talk in this manner, it gives the woman the feeling that you mean this just for her ears alone.  Also, state the compliment as a fact, not as something that’s open to question or response.  This gives you emotional control.  The compliment is your gift to her, not something for her to question or scrutinize.  What women want to hear is that they’re desirable and sexy.

I’ve said it several times in this article and I’ll say it again – what women want to hear is that they’re desirable and sexy.  What they DON’T want to hear is something that makes them feel like they’re an object to be leered at or drooled on.  They don’t want some sleazy guy giving compliment after compliment just to get into their panties.

What women want to hear is that they’re desirable and sexy – and they want to hear it with genuine sincerity.  It has to be real or she won’t feel what you want her to feel.  When you make a woman feel what she wants to feel by giving her what she wants to hear, you’ll be looking at that first kiss, a date, or even sex before the evening is finished.

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