Sometimes knowing what women want to hear seems like a mystery.  A puzzle that a guy has to approach with a keen sense of caution.  Like Indiana Jones seeking a treasure you have to be prepared for all kinds of unknown traps.  Even while progress is being made and success seems to be in sight everything can flip instantaneously and you find yourself trying to get out of harm’s way.

Can a guy really know what women want to hear?  As impossible as it may sound the answer is a resounding yes!  Not only can you know what she wants to hear but you can say it to her.  You just have to understand what motivates women to get started.  A woman’s highest priority is how a man makes her feel when he’s talking to her.

Guys think with their left brain and that side makes sense to us.  It’s fact, logic, statistics and reason.  Women think with their right brain which is creativity, imagination, feeling and relationship.  Obviously since we both have two sides to our brain we can both enter into thinking either way.  But men tend to live primarily in their left brain while women primarily tend to live in their right brain.  That’s why most guys haven’t got a clue what women want to hear.

Since we know that a woman is more interested in how things make her feel we just need to discover how to make her feel good.  It’s not just positive things.  What women want to hear is things that make them feel good about themselves.  For instance, you could give her a compliment.  Women spend a LOT of time making themselves look good.  Obviously they know that if they’re attractive we’ll be attracted to them.

Make her feel that all her time was well spent and she’ll love you for it.  Make her feel confident and she’ll love you for it.  Make her feel that she has good judgment and she’ll love you for it.  Saying things that make them feel good is really what women want to hear.  If she feels good it reinforces how she thinks she should feel.  If you’re the source that made her feel good she’ll transfer those feelings to you because she thinks and feels relationally.

Here are three simple steps to follow when you make her feel good:

  • Make eye contact. They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  Eye contact builds trust, it increases your credibility, it means you want her face to fill you sight.  She’ll return the favor by locking her eyes on you.
  • Be sincere.  Women have a build in BS radar.  If you’re not completely sincere, she’ll know it.  No matter what you say it will come across as a lie that designed to manipulate her into having sex with you and if that happens you’ll be dead in the water.
  • Follow the 3Vs formula.  As a general rule communication breaks down into three components.  Verbal (7%) your words, Vocal (38%) your tone of voice, and Visual (55%) your body language.  Be sure you know the impact and the value of each part of your communication and that they’re all sharing what women want to hear!

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