Most guys make the mistake of thinking that it’s hard to know what women want.  They think that it’s some sort of Hollywood ideal.  That they need to look and act like Clooney or Pitt.  Guys, it’s just not so.

A woman wants to have fun.  She’s going out for the evening to have a good time.  She’s not out there to tear down every man that approaches her. What women want is to be with someone and have fun

They want to feel feminine.   Let’s look at them for a second.  A group of women go out for the evening to a club or bar.  Do they fix their hair?  Do they wear something that fits their form and is sexy?  Do they put on make-up?  Of course they do!  They do that to get YOUR attention!  When you go up to a girl to talk with her, make sure you complement her on how she looks.  What women want is to have a man notice them and make them feel feminine and sexy.

Here’s a real shocker.  What women want is for the man to approach her.  Contrary to what you might be seeing in the movies, women love to be noticed and approached by a confident, masculine male.  They rarely make the approach themselves.  Nearly every woman desires to meet the kind of man who has the confidence to walk up to her, start a conversation and sweep her off her feet.

Masculinity is hugely attractive to women.  They want a man who knows how to make her feel like a woman.  Many women have jobs where they have to act in a masculine way.  Although this may work for her in her job, it doesn’t work in her relationships with men.  When you display your masculinity through your speech, how you act, and show the attitudes of confidence and self-assuredness, she will be totally turned on.  What women want is to be sexually attracted to a masculine man who can be his true self, show his attraction to her, and isn’t afraid to go for a phone number, date or kiss.

What women want is for you to approach her and start a conversation, then step your interest in her up.  That can be as simple as a phone number or date, or kissing and having sex.  She just wants you to be the man that you already know that you are.

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