How many times has this happened to you?  “Oh boy, I’m goin’ out with ___ tonight.  I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it.  Does my hair look alright?  Did I get a clean shave?  Do I smell OK?  Oh my God!  I’ve got a stain on my best slacks!”  By the time you go through this you’re sweaty and so nervous that you jump at every little thing that happens.  This all culminates at her front door when you go to pick her up.  Not good.

No one needs this level of anxiety; it’s hard on the heart, blood pressure, liver, kidney, not to mention sweat glands.  However, I have some good news.  There’s a way to curb this anxiousness.  And it’s free!

Cardiovascular exercise before each date.  I know, this is almost too simple.  But, it works.  At least 30 minutes of cardio before each date will decrease the anxiety, lower the heart rate and blood pressure, help rid the body of extra weight from water, increase lung capacity.  Along with these, cardio releases endorphins into your system that help you to be more positive all night long.

If you exercise late in the afternoon you will be

  • more relaxed
  • in a better mood
  • look toned
  • be trimmer for your date
  • have a release of pheromones

As with any exercise, start out slow and increase gradually until your heart rate is at a good clip, about 120 bpm.  If you practice this on a regular basis as well as before dates, you’ll see a decrease in your waistline and a general upswing in your mood.

Sometime the simplest solutions are the best.  Do this before every date, and especially after a night out where you’ve gone out with friends to scope out a new bar.



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