Attracting girls is an essential skill that has to be learned.  If you want to become really good at getting a date with girls, you have to practice your attraction skills.  It’s kind of like some jobs – they want someone who has experience, but you can’t get experience unless you’re hired for the job.

But, this practice has a built-in solution.  You practice your attraction skills on beautiful women!

WHAT?!  Practice on the women that I want to attract!  You must be NUTS!

Nope.  Not at all.  It’s like this.  There are women that are called ‘hired guns’.  They may have regular job duties, like typing, floor sales, wait tables.  But, a part of their duties is to talk to the customers.  The male customers, in particular.  They’re paid to talk to you.

The point is that you can talk with a beautiful woman and practice your techniques in attracting women with her and, under most circumstances, she won’t reject you.  If she does it’s because you’ve been completely inappropriate, aggressive, vulgar, or some other totally obnoxious behavior.  And, you’ll be kicked out on your keister by whoever she works for.  Practice all you want, but don’t mess with the ‘hired gun’.  They’re protected property.

Hired guns typically work for high end, trendy clothing stores; they’re female bartenders at local bars and night clubs; waitresses in an establishment that tends to cater to men (Hooters), liquor and beer promotions shot girls; the car show spokeswomen.  These women are typically beautiful, friendly, and especially easy to talk with.  They make a good practice partner.

Come early and begin your evening by talking and practicing your flirting and attracting techniques with these women.  Then, when you have warmed up and are in the zone, go out and start talking with other beautiful women that you find interesting.

This is truly a great way to get in some great practice time with a real live beautiful woman.  Be sure to use this opportunity to your advantage.

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