Have you ever considered the life that a woman leads?  Let’s take the life of a woman in her early 20’s, out of college, on her own in a new city with a new job.

Every morning she gets up early to shower, dress, and make herself as attractive as possible.  Why?  Because she not only has to be intelligent, articulate, and ambitious, she has to look her best every day in order to get a promotion.

Although everything is new and exciting right up front, it soon smoothes into a comfortable routine that she goes through.  Day in, day out.

If she’s lucky, she’s able to make friends easily and goes out on the weekends with them.  If she is on the shy side, time out is mostly solitary or an occasional bar night with some folks at work.

Are you getting the idea that she’s bored out of her mind?

Although we see a whole different picture in movies and television, the fact is that most women lead very busy lives that leave them with little time for entertainment or excitement.  That’s where you come in.

You don’t have to be a rock star or some famous actor to get her attention.  Just be different and exciting.  Someone who makes her day more fun, more exciting.  A man that knows the types of things that make women smile in spite of themselves has the key to attracting any woman he wants.

Flowers are a powerful tool, but so are handwritten notes.  Balloons, surprise lunches, even Elvis impersonations given at the right moment are exciting and different.  And very attractive.

Now, if after reading this you get the idea that this article is totally chick-centered, well, your right.  After all, aren’t chicks what we’re looking for?  It’s not about being a push-over, it’s about reaching her passionate core.  Try these ideas.  You’ll be very surprised.

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