Women are shoppers.  They are constantly comparing things and assigning value.  The same is true with the guys they date.  You should never assume that you have an exclusive contract for her attraction to the opposite sex.  What I’m about to share with you will work but it’s not for wimps.  If you’re not a REAL man you should stop reading now.

You need to establish yourself as one of the guys in your lady’s life with higher status.  Unless you’re willing to take the risks of higher gain you’ll be assigned to the B group of guys she’s dated.

While the principle is simple and fairly easy to put into practice it can be hard to follow if you care about the girl you’re dating.  This principle can seem to be and can actually be somewhat disrespectful to her.  In the end, though, you’ll cause her to value your time together much more and she’ll enjoy that time a great deal more.

The goal is to create a sense that you’re more valuable.  In order to accomplish that you have to become more rare.  The rarer the object the higher its value.  The best way to achieve that higher status is to take yourself out of the picture by breaking a date with her.  This should be done after you’ve had a few dates and established a budding dating relationship.

It’s a known fact that when you take something away from a person they feel loss.  This creates a sense of scarcity and automatically creates a desire within the person experiencing the loss to regain what they’ve lost.

When you deny her your presence on that date you’re actually planting a seed of warning smack in the middle of her emotion center that says you may not be there in the future.  While you want this to have a strong impact it can also come across as a harsh disrespect instead of making you more valuable so here are some ways you can head off the impression that you’re being harsh.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute.  Give her at least two days heads up so she can make plans to do something else.
  • When you cancel be sure to tell you can’t make it but you’d like to go out with her another time.  This way she’ll feel the loss of you but will have the hope of a future time.
  • Don’t go out into the public on the day when your date was scheduled.  Think about it.  If she sees you or one of her friends see you out and about you’ve just blown your cover!

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