Women are like men in a lot of ways.  They like movies, get into sports (some, not all), and have active and challenging lives.  They enjoy the challenges that life brings.

Just like you don’t really care for a woman who is too complacent and has little to no fire, women don’t care that much for a guy who’s always ‘so nice’.  There’s just no challenge there.

But, there’s a simple solution for this challenge.

Teasing.  A little humor can make any situation more fun, more interesting, and lighten any mood.  Even humor with sexual innuendo is fun.  Plus, teasing in this way heightens interest.

Think of all the times you’ve been out.  Who’s the most interesting guy in the place?  The guy who is funny.  Everybody wants to talk with him.

This makes you more interesting and more attractive in several different ways:

  • It’s evident that you enjoy making people laugh.
  • You know how to have fun.
  • Conversations with you will be more interesting.
  • You’re not boring
  • You’re not a ‘downer’.

Teasing her with a little sexual innuendo is very, very sexy to a woman.  She’ll figure that you wouldn’t be teasing her in this way if there wasn’t some interest behind it.  It will immediately intrigue her, challenge her, maybe even embarrass her just a touch.  But, it will definitely arouse her.

When this happens she’ll begin to work to attract you.  A little reversal goes on, and she is the one who is working to get your attention.

Teasing is one of the quickest ways to become attractive to women that there is.  Just use a little finesse, a little humor, and a little sex when teasing.  I’ll bet the act of teasing becomes very tantalizing for both of you.

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