I want you to take a moment to think about something.  You’ve gone out for the evening to a neighborhood pub or a club downtown.  When you get seated you look out over the place and you see all kinds of women there.  I curious thing strikes you, though.  Most of them are with a group.  You see a few women by themselves, but, for the most part, the women came in groups.

We’ve all heard the jokes – they run in packs or herds (don’t say that in public, it’ll get you slapped), if one has to go to the bathroom then they all have to go, etc.  Now as sexist as these are, there is a grain of truth to them.  That truth is that women are social creatures that like to be with other women.

The reasons for this is pretty basic stuff.

  • If a woman is in a group she’s less likely to be the target of a predator.
  • Women enjoy the company of other women.
  • It’s more comfortable being with a group of women than being by alone.
  • It’s safer.
  • If you get a little more wasted than you normally do, there will be someone there to take care of you and make sure you get home.

These are just a few of reasons that women stay in groups.

Which brings us to this point – ONLY approach groups of women.  Now for you guys that have trouble approaching one woman, this may sound impossible.  But, if you can accomplish this, then you’ll never have trouble approaching a woman again.

When you see a group of women your goal is to approach the entire group.  This will allow you to become acquainted with her entire circle of friends.  Those friends will eventually be giving her advice on you so it’s best to make a good impression up front.

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